Today’s Headlines

  • CA Legislative Analyst Office releases initial comments on governor’s proposed budget (LAO)
  • Want jobs? Build bike lanes (Fast Company)
  • Coronado is scrapping its bike plan, putting all new bike lanes on hold, starting over (KPBS)
  • This writer believes congestion is the #1 environmental problem in San Diego County (and that wider roads will fix it) (San Diego Union-Tribune)
  • Mapping how stressful streets  limit cycling (CityLab)
  • The destructive legacy of housing segregation (The Atlantic)
  • Anti-density movement may broaden homelessness (LA Times)

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The World’s Nuttiest Bike Lane NIMBYs Live in a San Diego Beach Community

Think you’ve read about every possible NIMBY objection to bike lanes? Think again. These recent comments from a public meeting in San Diego’s affluent Coronado beach community are definitely, um, different. At the meeting, city leaders were bombarded with objections — not about parking, traffic, or “scofflaws” on bikes, but about the “visual pollution” of […]