#DamienTalks 35 – Mike Gatto and Parking Placard Reform

Parking placard abuse.

#DamienTalksArguing for reforms in the placard system is one of the few times parking reformers don’t sound overly wonky to the larger car driving public. In California, one out of every eight drivers has a disabled parking placard, a number which doesn’t correlate to data concerning how many drivers SHOULD have such a placard.

This abuse of the placard system creates a ripple effect of unsafe street conditions, a distorted view of our car parking stock, and worst of all undercuts the value of the placard to those drivers who are actually disabled.

Today #DamienTalks with Assemblymember Mike Gatto (D-SFV) about AB 2602, his legislation that seeks to reduce placard abuse through two common sense reforms attacking the supply of and demand for disabled placards to those who don’t really need them. Gatto’s legislation sailed through committee last week.

Also moving in the Assembly is Gatto’s “Parking Bill of Rights” which takes a broader look at parking issues.

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1 thought on #DamienTalks 35 – Mike Gatto and Parking Placard Reform

  1. For reference, here in New York State, disabled parking placards get you access to disabled parking spaces. Period. They do not get you “free” anything. (Some places allow people with disabled placards to park longer than the time restrictions, but nowhere allows them to park for free.)

    The result is that we do not have any problem with abuse of the placard system, the way you have in California.

    AB 2602 would give California similar rules to NY, but more generous, since they would allow people who have disabilities which mean they can’t feed the meter to get free parking. It’s a good bill.

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