Today’s Headlines

  • On becoming a League-certified cycling instructor (Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition)
  • California drivers get amnesty for parking, traffic violations (San Diego Union-Tribune)
  • Video: Transit Trends episode 2 looks at San Francisco’s Transbay Terminal (YouTube)
  • GM’s investment in Lyft includes the possibility of free cars (Vanity Fair)
  • Three ideas for affordable housing in L.A. (LA Times)
    • But not fast enough: homeless sweeps continue (LA Times)
  • Oceanside sees a building boom (Voice of San Diego)
  • Study: Climate change and gentrification are linked (Seattle Weekly)
  • Meanwhile, Tennessee lawmakers want to prevent new gas tax revenues from being used for bikes/pedestrians (Bicycle Retailer)
  • Australia’s bike laws are heading in the wrong direction (Bicycle Network)

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