Today’s Headlines

  • Illegal parking is a plague on Oakland’s buffered bike lanes (GJEL Blog)
  • Before (high-speed rail) pictures of Fresno (Stop and Move)
  • Bay Area transit payment Clipper Card expands in Sonoma County (KRON)
  • Video: Why BART can’t run 24/7 (CityLab)
  • Ten states—even maybe California—could raise gas tax this year (Planetizen)
    • But meanwhile the Board of Equalization lowered it, again (The Hill)  (CBS)
  • Study finds that sea level is rising at its fastest rate in 3,000 years (Mashable)
  • Climate change is already a health problem in L.A. (LA Times)
  • Peninsula leaders consider local funds to make up for transportation funding gap (San Mateo Daily Journal)
  • If your city has a jaywalking problem, it’s because of poor Pedestrian LOS (Systemic Failure)
  • These charts compare commute times and housing costs in major cities (Urban Demographics)
  • Want community? Build walkability (Strong Towns)

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