Active Transportation Program: Cycle 2 Projects List Available

Section of plan for bike lanes in Placerville, which will receive ATP funding. Image: City of Placerville

The California Transportation Commission has posted the complete list of projects adopted in the second cycle of the Active Transportation Program.

New to the spreadsheet are projects adopted under the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) portion of the program. In January, 93 projects were adopted for a total of $143 million from the ATP. Matching funds from local and other state and federal sources mean that the actual cost of the projects is around $230 million, giving the ATP more bang for its buck.

These projects are in addition to the Statewide and Small Urban & Rural programs, which were adopted in October. Those two programs will allocate $215 million in ATP funds to 114 projects, with matching funds bringing the total to over $262 million worth of projects to encourage more biking and walking.

The spreadsheet [PDF] is a little rough, but the list is complete. It includes project locations, names, total costs, and the amount of funding they will receive from the ATP.

Cycle 2 will allocate money over the course of several years, from 2016 through 2019. See Streetsblog coverage here of ongoing workshops on Cycle 3, which will adopt projects this summer.

Examples of projects include:

  • Bike lanes in Placerville
  • Pedestrian signals and crossings in Rancho Cordova, Fowler, and Orange Cove
  • Safe Routes to Schools programs in Woodland, Castro Valley, Benicia, Vallejo, Tulare, Valencia, Ceres, El Centro, and Santa Ana
  • Trails in Napa Valley, along the Kern River, along the coast in Long Beach, in Moreno Valley, along the Santa Ana and Mohave Rivers, and in San Diego
  • Telegraph Avenue Complete Streets project in Oakland
  • Sidewalks in Fresno, Coalinga, and Needles
  • A bicycle bypass in Bear Valley
  • Active Transportation and Pedestrian Master Plans in Bellflower, El Centro, Imperial County, and Irwindale
  • Bike-share in Downey

See the complete list on this PDF.

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  1. Encouraging to see the full list, but I’m rather skeptical of the SRTS awards with high dollar values, especially when many of the places receiving those funds don’t even have any staff dedicated to active transportation/SRTS at all.

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