Today’s Headlines

  • San Diego to San Luis Obispo passenger rail corridor adding more track (TI News Daily)
  • More about Gatto’s hit-and-run alert bill (KPCC)
  • Bike-sharing bridges commute gaps (LA Times)
  • Motorcycle lane-splitting law put on hold (Sacramento Bee)
  • Local residents sue to close path to Hollywood sign (LA Times)
  • Cap-and-trade money: largest affordable housing grant goes to SF (SF Business Times)
  • San Francisco missed its affordable housing target by a mile (SocketSite)
  • Kings County grand jury, supervisors butt heads about high-speed rail (Fresno Bee)
  • Podcast: Why bicyclists break rules (Science Friday)
  • Tour de France: It’s not the bikes, it’s the pavement markings (Alta Planning)
  • Video: Measuring the built environment to define a hierarchy of walking needs (YouTube)

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