Today’s Headlines

  • An interview with Streetfilms’ Clarence Eckerson (The Bicycle Story)
  • Taking public transit to California’s premier park will soon be easier: new bus route from Fresno to Yosemite to open Sunday (Fresno Bee)
  • High-speed rail proposes station hub in Burbank (The Burbank Leader)
  • The streetcar is Sacramento’s history and future (Sacramento News and Review)
  • Communities along Highway 50 want to be bike friendly (Alta Planning)
  • But California is still planning sprawl and widening freeways (The Mountain Enterprise)
  • Another rough patch for fancy transit: Leap bus suspends operations in San Francisco because no permit  (Ars Technica) (SFGate)
  • How great are floating bus stops (StreetsMN)
  • Report: Bike commuting is smart (Dupress)
  • A call for fairness in traffic fines (LA Times)
  • Seminar: Challenges and opportunities in coordinating regional transit (Mineta Institute)
  • Bus that runs on cow manure can go very fast (Good)

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