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Sahra Sulaiman

Sahra is Communities Editor for Streetsblog L.A., covering the intersection of mobility with race, class, history, representation, policing, housing, health, culture, community, and access to the public space in Boyle Heights and South Central Los Angeles.

In Pursuit that Left Two Dead, Rookie Driver Officer Coached on Everything but Public Safety

How LAPD's lack of transparency around pursuits makes addressing safety more difficult

June 25, 2024

LAPD Was Crossing Against Red Light in Crash that Killed Pedestrian and Injured Six in Hollywood

The department says the officers had turned on their lights and sirens just before crossing. Their reasons for doing so remain unknown.

May 3, 2024

Trial Postponed Again as Street Vendors, City Continue Negotiations

Vendors succeeded in getting no-vending zones rescinded, but are still seeking reimbursement for citations and the repeal of other restrictions

April 9, 2024

KDL Gets Schooled on How Legislative Process Works as No-Vending Zones Rescinded

Street vendors logged a key victory in the process, but the battle to be treated with dignity continues

March 5, 2024

No City for Old Men: L.A. Police Commission finds lung-collapsing blow to chest of unarmed Black 60-year-old “in policy”

Although Officer Brian Kolke failed to voluntarily report the use of force and prolonged Earl Roots' agony for several hours, he only received a comment card on his personnel file

December 13, 2023

LAPD Admits Man Who Slept Thru 3-Hour Bus “Standoff” Was Carrying BB Gun Only after Hero Robot Dog Story Makes Rounds

The picture emerging from the scene was a harrowing one: police vehicles surrounding a Metro bus amid reports that a man with a gun had barricaded himself inside of it.

November 9, 2023

Mayor Nixes LAPD Pilot to use Lassos on Metro Trains

LAPD got approval from the Police Commission to extend their BolaWrap pilot on Metro in August, but hadn't advised Metro of their plans until after the fact.

October 4, 2023

LAPD Officer Punched 60-year-old Black Man in Chest, Collapsed His Lung during December Arrest

Chief Moore told the Police Commission that Earl Roots had been hospitalized "due to a complaint of having asthma."

September 14, 2023

LAPD Chief’s Report on Sergeant’s Drive-by Shooting of Unarmed Vet Embraces Falsehoods, Glosses over Recklessness

The drive-by was ruled out of policy. But the findings in the case were neither as critical nor as punitive as they could have been.

July 27, 2023