Today’s Headlines

  • Clearing the air in Wilmington, one e-bike at a time (LAist)
  • Bay Area transit ridership lags but the bridges are filling back up (SF Examiner)
  • Valley Rail – from Santa Clara to San Joaquin – awarded $142 million (Independent News)
  • Trucking companies highlight “truck-involved” bottlenecks, demanding “investment” [expansion, so they can driving] (Yahoo!)
  • Costa Mesa lowers speed limits in 17 places (LA Times)
  • SCAG adopts “Regional Advanced Mitigation,” a way to plan more comprehensively for housing and transportation (Desert Sun)
  • State rejects Oakland’s housing plan (Oaklandside, Mercury News)
  • Pro-housing advocates sue Bay Area cities for not planning enough housing (Mercury News)
  • Silicon Valley developer goes on hunger strike to protest Sunnyvale’s halt to project (Mercury News)
  • Cars are getting too big for parking spaces. Must they be accommodated? (Vice)
  • L.A. finalizes tenant protections (LA Times)

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