Today’s Headlines

  • Rain, floods, power outages, and more coming (Reuters, SF Chronicle, LA Times, Mercury News)
  • Houseless people are suffering (LA Times, SF Chronicle)
  • Keeping an eye on the RR tracks in San Clemente – no further storm damage so far (Mass Transit)
  • The biggest barrier to biking is fear of cars (Treehugger)
  • The many many many benefits of e-bikes (Planetizen)
  • Electric SUVs are terrible (The Atlantic)
  • What sound should electric vehicles make? (The Guardian)
  • Low bar? L.A. ranks within the top 9 North American cities for transit access; S.F. is #2 (Yahoo!)
  • Transit’s hiring difficulties (Transit Center)
  • Caltrans creates a way for transit agencies to track, share ridership and fare data (GCN)
  • Bakersfield transit expands on-demand service (Mass Transit)
  • Stop giving handouts to corporations in the hope of jobs, economic uplift (Route Fifty)
  • Golden Gate Bridge district gets $400M for seismic work (The Bay Link)

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