Today’s Headlines

  • Senator Scott Wiener Wants Central Freeway Removed (SFStandard)
  • Everybody Again Rejects SFMTA Center-Running Valencia Lane (MissionLocal)
  • Palo Alto Considers Ban on E-Bikes Using Unpaved Nature Trails (Palo Alto Online)
  • Crumbling Sidewalks, Unreliable Transit Stop Older Americans from Accessing Health Care (ABC San Diego)
  • West Hollywood Launches Bike Giveaway Program (WeHo Times)
  • Viral Video Shows Man Clinging to Back of Train in CA (SacBee)
  • The Conversation Talks to UC-Davis’ Kari Watkins about Pandemic’s Impact on Transit
  • Bigger Trucks and SUV’s Edge Into Standard Bike Lanes…Protected Lanes Needed(Bicycling)
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