Today’s Headlines

  • Devastating coastal algae bloom is “like a wildfire in the water” (High Country News)
  • Particulate matter is a killer, and almost half of it comes from transportation (Treehugger)
  • Railroad strike averted (AP)
  • Switching to electric cars is nowhere near enough (LA Times)
  • It took a long time, and commitment, to get the federal climate bill (EDF)
  • Driver mows down riders at Bike Party; police blame bike riders (Berkeleyside)
  • What should happen to drivers who kill bike riders? (Outside)
  • Google maps could do a much better job on biking (Protocol)
  • Newsom signs bill stemming from shooting at San Jose transit facility (Spotlight)
  • San Diego reforms its neighborhood planning groups to make them more diverse (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • Ontario is overrun with giant warehouses (The Guardian)
  • Stop calling Charles “the Climate King” (Heated)

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