Today’s Headlines

  • Climate crisis: Flash flood in Death Valley (Spectrum News)
    • Fire (CNN)
    • Fire killing fish in the river (AP)
  • US Senate pass major climate, health, and tax reform bill (Grist, AP, NPR)
    • What it means for the climate (ETF)
  • Chevron refinery fire a decade ago created a new generation of activists (The Guardian)
  • Public transit is in trouble – and it’s a lifeline that needs fixing (Governing)
  • Using bus-mounted cameras to enforce bus-only lanes (Smart Cities Dive)
  • Cargo bikes are cleaner than trucks (Cycling Utah)
  • E-bikes are the better EVs (Wall Street Journal)
  • Trolleys are electric too! (The Guardian)
  • The deadly toll of speeding cars (LA Times)
  • Tesla is lying about its vehicles’ autonomous abilities, says DMV (New York Times, Autoblog, Mashup)

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