Today’s Headlines

  • Climate change is not waiting (IPCC)
  • USDOT grants $46m for California rail projects (Railway Technology)
  • SF Muni is in dire financial shape (Mass Transit)
  • Whoops! That was an AV, not a bike lane, that blocked a fire truck (but it was only for 25 seconds!!!) (Wired)
  • Why are bikes so much fun? Because they’re not cars (NY Times)
  • Emeryville Mayor John Bauters cares about more than just bike lanes (Route Fifty)
  • Startup to use e-cargo bikes for delivery, not trucks (LA Times, Bloomberg)
  • Compton plans TOD development near its Metro station (2UrbanGirls)
  • Berkeley’s housing boom (SF Chronicle)
  • How much of a difference did banning single-family zoning ban make in Minneapolis? (Governing)

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