Note to Readers : Melanie Curry Is Taking Some Time Off…

Newton (left) with Curry and SBLA editor Joe Linton at the 2015 LA Press Club Awards.
Newton (left) with Curry and SBLA editor Joe Linton at the 2015 LA Press Club Awards.

Just a quick note to our readers that Streetsblog California editor Melanie Curry is taking a planned sabbatical for the next month or so and will be back when the legislature reconvenes in August. We wish Melanie the best during this break and look forward to her return.

In the meantime, Damien Newton, past editor of Streetsblog L.A. and the director of the non-profit that publishes Streetsblog California, Streetsblog SF and Streetsblog L.A. will be serving as interim editor. Newton has been a regular contributor to all three Streetsblogs since stepping down at Streetsblog L.A., but of course there’s only one Melanie Curry.

In addition to headlines and regular updates, Newton also plans on podcasting interviews with the California Streets Initiative Board of Directors to give our readers some idea of the volunteers who help Streetsblog function but don’t get regular by-lines or chances to interact with our readers. Our first podcast will be Monday with past-chair and current secretary/treasurer Jon Weiss.

If you have any story ideas, tips, or comments, feel free to drop Damien a line at



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