Today’s Headlines

  • CA bills on automated speed enforcement slow down (LA Times)
  • COVID’s impacts on cycling (Taylor&Francis)
  • Pandemic could end car dependence, if we choose (The Conversation)
  • San Diego needs bikeways (Times of San Diego)
  • First, commit to climate goals (Daily Californian)
  • Tactics have evolved, but the fight against necessary climate policy goes on (The Hill)
  • USDOT allows CA to set emission standards again (Governing)
  • Newsom takes up a ban on fracking (NPR)
  • No malarkey: CA high-speed rail needs Amtrak Joe (
  • San Diego’s “Grand Central Station” moves forward (Mass Transit)
  • San Francisco accelerates plans for carbon neutrality (Governing)
  • Explaining environmental racism: Ten examples (Yes!)
  • The purposefulness of aimless walking (Dawn)
  • No such thing as a “low-skill” worker – the label devalues people and their work (Route Fifty)

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