Today’s Headlines

  • Humboldt still wants to widen Hwy 101 despite threat to old growth redwoods (SF Chronicle)
  • LA approves plans for a so-called “green city” at Warner Center in SFV (LA Times)
  • Parking lot in San Diego turned into a pedestrian plaza (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • Marin County affordable housing project approved under SB 35 rules (Bay Area Metro)
  • Natural gas bans: Oakland approves for all new buildings (East Bay Times, SF Chronicle)
  • You can’t be a climate mayor if you keep widening freeways (City Observatory)
  • Cities are not bad for your health (BBC)
  • Bicycle industry booming (Mother Earth News)
  • What it can take to be a professional bike racer when you’re Black (NY Times)
  • Companies with some of the largest carbon footprints – Amazon, Uber, Jet Blue – make a climate pledge (KFGO)
  • Home shopping’s carbon footprint: Amazon emits more CO2 than 9 European Union countries (in Spanish) (El Pais)
  • Who got PPP loans, and for how much? It’s all available (Business Journals)
  • A dry December means continued fire risk (SF Chronicle)
  • The harms from Trump’s attempts to meddle with the census (Washington Post)

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