Today’s Headlines

  • Kids are hungry (SF Chronicle)
  • In historic first, (some) LA City Councilmembers listen to BLM on reimagining public safety (LA Times)
  • The bike as a symbol of freedom (Planetizen)
  • Bicycles will have a new place in city life (Fortune)
  • CPUC ruling gives Uber, Lyft until July 1 to comply on employee designations (CoMotion News)
  • CA weighs diesel regulations (Inside Climate News)
  • More T4America analysis on House transportation bill
  • Proposals for clean transportation project (STEP) grants from CARB due by end of August (NGT News)
  • US DOT is relying on self-driving vehicle developers to voluntarily share their data… like that’ll happen (The Verge)
  • The high cost of low-price energy: a cap-and-trade explainer and critique (Energy at Haas)

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