Today’s Headlines

If you haven’t already voted, here’s yet one more reminder that today’s the day to do it.

  • CA election results may take a while (LA Times)
  • Change is inevitable for gig law A.B. 5, but what form that takes is up in the air (LA Times)
  • Transportation policy explained in three short posts (Medium)
  • Your bike commute could generate power (Hackaday)
  • A Trump appointee has been inserting climate denialism into scientific studies (NY Times)
  • Tech could be used to make cities more liveable, but surveillance and money are too tempting (Fast Company)
  • Navajo Nation, L.A. partner to replace coal plant with clean renewable energy sources (Gizmodo)
  • Bay Area cooperative gets into the housing business (Next City)
  • 13,000-unit housing development in Concord is on the verge of imploding (Mission Local)
  • Links between parking policy and equitable housing development are complicated (MX Strategies)
  • Santa Clara VTA provides land for homeless housing (Mass Transit)

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