Today’s Headlines

  • Study: The more expensive the car, the more likely the driver is a jerk won’t yield to pedestrians (Nevada Current)
  • Early results from car-free Market Street: Buses faster, bicyclists safer, cars on nearby streets a skosh slower (SF Examiner)
  • LAPD says bike crashes went down a little last year–especially where protected bike lanes were installed (Crosstown)
  • Stockton approves pedestrian crossings near transit stops, schools (
  • Bill could create bus-only lane on Oakland Bay Bridge (SF Examiner)
  • Alameda County holds contest to get students (teachers? parents?) using transit, carpools (Patch)
  • Cities are figuring out how to deal with those darn scooters (Slate)
  • How to do coordinated transit planning (Pedestrian Observations)
  • The biggest polluters in the U.S. (CityLab)

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