Today’s Headlines

  • California adopts first air pollution measures targeting local emissions in Central Valley (Fresno Bee)
  • Special interests–oil and gas industry, realtors, car dealers–are spending big to get the CA legislators they want (CalMatters)
  • What to know before buying an e-bike (Curbed)
  • Why do Americans think zero road deaths is an impossible goal? (Strong Towns)
  • The people who created the housing crisis want us to believe they can solve it (The Nation)
  • Who are Bay Area NIMBYs, and what do they want? (Curbed)
  • Cities fighting climate change are contributing to “green gentrification” (Wired)
  • Hi, carmakers Daimler, Volvo, Jaguar! It’s time to take a stand on fuel economy (Forbes)
  • Southern California Edison’s vision for carbon neutrality doesn’t include natural gas (Green Tech Media)

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