Today’s Headlines

  • Parents disagree with transportation “experts” on what makes a space safe for kids on bikes (Science Daily)
  • Hey, Media! Bike lanes are not “controversial.” Get with it already (Outside)
  • SUVs are deadly; should we ban them from cities? (The Guardian)
  • Meanwhile the FHWA wants to save us from the danger of rainbow crosswalks (NY Times)
  • Amsterdam is deploying a series of “car-mitigation strategies” (CityLab)
  • PG&E readies to shut off power across Northern California (SF Chronicle)
    • Including almost the entire Bay Area (Curbed)
  • Waymo is mapping L.A. for future autonomous vehicle testing (CNBC)
  • Plans to widen highway 99 canceled, and there will be pushback (Visalia Times Delta)
  • The number of black homeless people is way out of proportion with their population (Comstock Magazine)
  • Reactions to weak statewide rent cap prove that landlords are not in it to provide housing (LA Times)
  • Marin County – and the Pacific Legal Foundation – may help the Supreme Court strike down inclusionary zoning (CityLab)

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