Today’s Headlines

  • Cars are death machines. Self-driving tech won’t change that (NY Times)
  • Fears of autonomous vehicles may be focused on the wrong thing: Tesla’s untested experiments by untrained drivers are happening near you, now (The Drive)
  • Here are the industry guidelines on autonomous vehicles, the closest thing there is to actual regulations (Roadshow)
  • Bus-only lanes coming to LAX; oh, and ride-hail has to pick up farther out, like everyone else (LA Times)
  • Plans for passenger rail on Dumbarton Bridge run into that old obstacle, Union Pacific (Green Caltrain)
  • Try bicycle turnouts on two-lane roads (SF Chronicle)
  • The back story on the death of the High Desert Corridor Freeway (LA Times)
  • Goal to plant 90,000 trees in L.A. by 2021 (Grist)
  • We were all played: more than a third of single family homes are owned by corporations (CityLab)
  • The greening of Paris has cut car ownership, but the New York Times focuses on backlash

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