Today’s Headlines

  • CALmatters explains California’s fight over tailpipe emissions
  • Slowing left turns, restricting right turns on red: SF considers deeper traffic calming (Curbed)
  • Persistent myths about pedestrian crashes make safety harder to achieve (The Star)
    • …and pedestrians on cell phones are not a huge problem (NY Daily News)
  • OCTA student bus pass program expands to two more colleges (OC Breeze)
  • E-bikes are allowed in national parks (Electrek)
  • CA High Speed Rail Authority celebrates milestone: 3,000 construction jobs (Sierra Sun Times)
  • Uber and Lyft want their drivers to absorb company costs (Jalopnik)
    • Uber defends itself (Medium)
  • Waymo pushes for removal of regulatory barriers to its self-driving technology (Reuters)
  • Teslas–and electric cars–won’t save the world (The Week)
  • European automakers try to clean up their supply chain (Automotive News Europe)

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