Today’s Headlines

  • Giving away parking at transit stations is pure evil (Sightline)
  • Life at a transit village (SF Chronicle)
  • American Canyon sued over plan to widen highway through town (Napa Valley Register)
  • Dangerous by Design: The 100 most dangerous Congressional districts for people walking (18 are in California) (Smart Growth America)
  • More diverging diamond interchanges coming to California (SF Chronicle)
  • Seleta Reynolds on the Open Mobility Foundation: standards for sharing, using data for safety, equity, emissions (Forbes)
  • California Energy Commission approves $70m for all-electric school buses (Transportation Today)
  • Trump’s USDA buried a plan to respond to climate change (Politico)
  • Bill Gates: Why spend all this time, thought, innovation on self-driving cars? (Fast Company)
  • The connections between climate change and clean water (Mother Earth News)
  • Kern County Chevron oil leak continues (LA Times)
  • How long would it take to bike to the moon? (Wired)

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