Today’s Headlines

  • CA legislature is being played by scooter companies (CityLab)
  • Uber and Lyft should just share the damn data already (TransitCenter)
  • May is Bike Month, er, Bike Safety Month, so heads up! Police departments all over the state are writing tickets this week (TPGonline)
  • New pedestrian bridge over Highway 101 opens in East Palo Alto (CBS)
  • California to probe reasons behind gas price spike (LA Times)
  • Sacramento approves California Mobility Center to build electric, autonomous vehicle infrastructure (Green Car Congress)
  • Self-driving cars need to be safer than human drivers–but by how much? (Vox)
  • In a bike-friendly city in Iran, women are not allowed to bicycle (Radio Free Europe)
  • Seven principles for solving the housing crisis (Vox)
  • The suburbs are coming to a city near you (New York Times)
  • Building a bus map where there are neither schedules or stops (Wired)

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