Today’s Headlines

  • Road diet in Silver Lake is a success and will stay, says LADOT (Curbed)
  • Oakland’s Scraper Bike team takes a spring infrastructure ride (Mercury News)
  • Map: U.S. counties where air pollution from traffic hurts kids the most–hello, California (The Conversation)
  • State program aims to help with that, funding clean transportation in vulnerable communities (
  • Public transportation is transforming California’s housing market (HousingWire)
  • What it means that Uber finally admits it is competing with public transit (Long Beach Post)
  • Over sixty U.S. companies paid no taxes this year (Center for Public Integrity)
  • The economic argument for sprawl housing–crushed (Planetizen)
  • Phone addiction is a thing and drivers have it (Forbes)
  • S.F. reports its scooter pilot was a success (SF Chronicle)

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