Today’s Headlines

  • A hundred people die every day on U.S. roads (Route Fifty)
  • If speed limits were lower, 37,000 lives could have been saved in last 25 years (Treehugger)
  • Luxury car drivers more likely to cut off other drivers, pedestrians (Scientific American)
  • For San Jose State, parking garage is the highest priority (Systemic Failure)
  • Climate change policy is a wicked problem (New York Times Magazine)
  • In crowds, people walk according to mathematic principles (Cosmos)
  • It’s the annual Ben & Jerry’s seminar in transportation economics (CityCommentary)
  • Podcast: Capitol Weekly interviews California Transportation Commissioner Carl Guardino
  • San Diego County to buy excess Caltrans land for a park (CBS)
  • Homelessness needs a regional solution, says business group (SF Chronicle)

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