Today’s Headlines

  • Ford to end sponsorship of Bay Area’s bike-share (Axios)
  • The inequity of pay-by-distance transit in the Bay Area: BART is unaffordable to people making minimum wage (Curbed)
  • The fallacy of local control over growth (Strong Towns)
  • Would you live in an apartment that used to be a BART car? (Curbed)
  • How European cities are dealing with transit fare evasion (CityLab)
  • Reasons to decriminalize transit fare evasion (TransitCenter)
  • Newsom creates team to work on problems at DMV (Sacramento Bee)
  • Sierra Club explores controversial idea: Local offsets for GHGs in San Diego (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • When Kate McKinnon starred in Streetsfilms as an anti-bike crusader (CityLab)
  • Photos compare the LA River past and present (Curbed)

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