Today’s Headlines

  • CHP outlines new CA traffic laws going into effect in 2019 (ABC)
  • Jump bikes are getting a redesign (Mashable)
  • Surprise! Online shopping leads to more trips, not fewer (Time)
  • CPUC shifts framework for transportation electrification (Microgrid Knowledge)
  • What CA can learn from protests in France: Don’t leave disadvantaged groups out of climate policies (CityLab)
  • Is it time for CA to copy Minneapolis? The city considers plan that would put it at the vanguard vis-a-vis climate policies (MinnPost)
  • Lyft hires another sustainable transportation activist (Business Insider)
  • Levandowski claims his autonomous car drove him from CA to NY (Guardian)
  • Musk debuts his test tunnel for Teslas (Curbed, TreeHugger)
  • U.S. is experiencing one of the biggest “housing booms”—that is, high prices—in its history (Quartz)

And this one from yesterday, with the link fixed:

  • SF loses affordable housing units as fast as it can build them (KQED)

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