Today’s Headlines

  • Defeat of gas tax repeal opens way for Inland Empire toll lane extension (Planetizen)
  • A day in the life of a bus driver (CityLab)
  • Spain sees wide support for proposed car-free city centers (CityLab)
  • Climate change skeptic explains his change of mind, says it’s “time to sound the alarm” (Washington Post)
    • He’s late: Climate change is already changing the world (The Guardian)
    • And how it might change where you live (Vox)
    • EPA’s solution? Politicians will “reshape” the next climate report (Grist)
  • New technology tracks air pollution (Environmental Defense Fund)
  • California’s ex-gov rides his bike everywhere (Cycling Weekly)
  • Electric bikes can make cities safer (Curbed)
  • What it takes to be the most bike-friendly college campus (Lexington Herald-Leader)
  • These bicycle lights collect data that can help plan better cycling infrastructure (Forbes)
  • Which Performance Bike shops around the nation will close—twelve in California alone (News Observer)
  • Housing in the U.S. is too expensive, too cheap, or just right, depending where you live (Brookings)

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