Today’s Headlines

  • It’s hard to do the right thing when politics are so dirty (CalMatters)
  • Will the bike become an urban must-have? (BBC)
  • Grand jury calls for better school bus programs to fight congestion (School Transportation News)
  • A transportation boarding school in South L.A.? (LA Times)
  • Scooter firms promise San Francisco they will behave (SF Chronicle)
  • Gas tax repeal would kill HOV, bike, and light rail projects (Breitbart)
  • The fuel tax is becoming rapidly outdated (The OCR)
  • More upcoming meetings between Feds and California on fuel efficiency rules (KFGO)
  • Report: Many coastal areas likely to be flooded by 2045 (SF Chronicle)
  • In London, a plan to cut vehicle speeds to boost bike safety (Mayor Watch)
  • A federal bill would fund infrastructure in distressed communities: Would it be forced on them? (The Hill)

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