Today’s Headlines

  • Those disappearing transit riders are being gentrified out of their neighborhoods (LA Times)
  • Bill to lower fines for turning right on red without stopping introduced, again (Sacramento Bee)
  • Maybe apps are not really transforming urban transportation (Human Transit)
  • Out-of-towners complain about road diet: “the hidden savaging of life” (East Bay Times) but the Twitter response is even more fun
  • Scooter-share is hitting the streets (Study Breaks)
  • Could NASCAR drivers be cycling safety advocates? (Bicycling)
  • Bill would increase weight limits on zero-emission vehicles, because their engines are heavier (Green Car Congress)
  • No, BART won’t build a new waterfront station for a new A’s stadium there (SF Chronicle)
  • San Francisco traffic signals break down, and people are left to negotiate at intersections (SF Chronicle)

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