Today’s Headlines

  • Caltrans urged not to interrupt bicycle access between Davis, Sacramento during construction (Davis Enterprise)
  • California still studying mileage fee to replace gas tax (Sacramento Bee)
  • Dynamic tolls on U.S. roads are maligned, and they work (USA Today)
  • Can Elon Musk make subways cool again? asks CNN. If you think expensive underground car congestion is cool, maybe
  • Silicon Valley tries to find a cheap way to build a (transit) subway (Systemic Failure)
  • Proposed constitutional amendment on CA cap-and-trade could create total gridlock in Sacramento, and that’s not for car traffic (Capitol Weekly)
  • Fires close highways in L.A.–maps (LA Times)
  • Dedicating car parking to a higher use (Chicago Tribune)
  • Man who crashed truck off bridge says street design is to blame (NBC)

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