Today’s Headlines

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  • Leave the car behind when you go on vacation (The Californian)
  • Imperial Valley Assemblymember Garcia’s environmental bills move forward (Imperial Valley News)
  • The true cost of environmental gentrification (Fusion)
  • Why is Exxon pushing for a carbon tax? (Environmental Leader)
  • Oil lobbyists encourage gas stations to label pumps with “cost per gallon” of cap-and-trade (Scientific American)
  • Self-driving Tesla involved in fatal crash (NY Times)
    • and some say the problem is that it wasn’t fully autonomous (Gizmodo)
  • BART, LA Metro engaged in a haiku battle—here’s the roundup (AV Club)
  • CalSTA head weighs in on needed Caltrans reforms (OC Register)
  • In Washington state, court rules that cities must make roads safe for bicycles (Bellingham Herald)
  • Oakland developer changes tone after council votes to ban coal shipments (Governing)

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