Today’s Headlines

  • Federal Smart City challenge includes ideas for self-driving cars, adaptive signals, autonomous buses (Gov Tech)
    • Sacramento’s application proposes self-driving cars as feeders to transit (GovTech)
  • #CrashNotAccident: Words matter (Vision Zero Network)
  • What Justice Scalia meant for land use planning (Urban Edge)
  • Another reason low oil prices are a problem: recycling isn’t worth the cost (NY Times)
  • George Runner, chair of tax authority, makes it clear he doesn’t understand public transit (Sacramento Bee)
  • Ballot measure would take money from high-speed rail and use it for water projects (LA Times)
  • Of bicycles, incivility, and the disappearance of dialogue (City Watch)
  • The price of a parking violation at all BART stations will go up (SF Examiner)
  • Crash in Berkeley spurs renewed call for dedicated bike lane (Contra Costa Times)
  • No bikes allowed on horse bridge (LA Times)

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