Today’s Headlines

  • In Kern County, residents sue to stop a freeway (Court House News)
  • Palm Springs residents freak out because there’s “not enough parking” in planned development (Desert Sun)
  • San Joaquin Clean Transportation Center opens; will focus on electric vehicles (Next-Gen Transportation)
  • California rejects VW’s diesel car recall plan (SF Chronicle)
  • For high-speed rail, moving utilities out of the way is turning out to be expensive (LA Times)
  • Forum in San Diego studies land-use effects of legalizing marijuana (San Diego Union-Tribune)
  • Dog riders increasing on transit (NY Times)

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Orange County Trains Active Transportation Leaders

Funding transportation projects in California is a complex and arcane process involving many players, including state and federal agencies, regional planning authorities, and local cities and counties. It usually comes with strings attached, needing to fulfill requirements of state or federal legislation or of a local sales tax spending plan. A project can start with […]