#DamienTalks 27 – End of the Year and Looking Ahead

It’s the end of the year, so we’re doing a special #DamienTalks. As announced on Streetsblog California, today I’m taking your questions…errr, your question…

The questions we received were variations on where transportation is headed, and how are things will change going forward. I see two big ways that things are going to be different: at the policy level things will change because of Vision Zero, and in the advocacy world we’ll see a shift as we all figure out how to best address equity issues in our planning and programming.

Given that this podcast is occurring during our pledge drive, I would be remiss if I didn’t post the links to the donation pages for Streetsblog San Francisco , Streetsblog Los Angeles and Streetsblog California.

We’re always looking for sponsors, show ideas, and feedback. You can contact me atdamien@streetsblog.org, at twitter@damientypes, online at Streetsblog California or on Facebook at StreetsblogCA.

Thanks for listening. You can download the episode at the #DamienTalks homepage on Libsyn.
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