#DamienTalks Episode 11: Brian Addison, Long Beach Super-Reporter

Today, #DamienTalks with Brian Addison, the former editor of the Long Beach Post and LongBeachize. Addison was recently named the “Best Online Journalist” by the Southern California Press Club for, in Addison’s own words, “writing about the city I love.”

Addison DTalks imagePlaced between the shadow of the Los Angeles Megalopolis and the Orange Curtain, Long Beach is often overlooked, despite having a population of nearly half a million people and being the 7th largest city by population in the state…larger than Oakland. Long Beach has made great strides towards becoming a more livable city with better bicycle infrastructure and a rising Downtown. The city even bills itself as the “most bike friendly city in America.”

Addison and I talk about how the city is doing under its new progressive mayor and how Long Beach is trying to expand its most-bike-friendly infrastructure from high-visibility areas into residential areas.

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