Today’s Headlines

Crosswalks don't have to be boring. Photo: Feature China/Barcroft Media via the Guardian
Crosswalks don’t have to be boring. Photo: Feature China/Barcroft Media via the Guardian
  • Creative solution for potholes: Counties test what happens when you rip out the paving (Press Democrat) (Wired)
  • Cap-and-trade amendments:
  • CARB rejects VW’s recall plan as inadequate (CBS)
  • Pictures: creative crosswalks around the world (Guardian)
  • A new life for urban alleys (CityLab)
  • California should stay the course on the low carbon fuel policy (
  • Study: AAA finds nearly eighty percent of drivers have bad road rage (Science Daily)
  • Oakland gives affordable housing preference to displaced residents (East Bay Times)
  • Senators call for federal investigation of Airbnb (CurbedSF)
  • Are Uber and Lyft transit—so people can use tax-free benefits to pay for them? (Slate)

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Today’s Headlines

Principles for including bicycles in a future of self-driving vehicles (Planetizen) Redesigning crosswalks to make cities safer (Curbed) Walkable neighborhoods make for skinny citizens (Treehugger) Our transportation system is wasteful overkill (NY Times) Governor Brown to sign equity, cap-and-trade expenditure bills in Fresno today (Business Journal) New Urban Agenda final draft released (Citiscope) Startling revelation: […]

Today’s Headlines

Reinventing the wheel? Long Beach to consider new bike registration system (hint: Bike Index, folks!) (Press Telegraph) Cycling may be the cure for workplace stress (Total Women Cycling) The myth that separated bike lanes cause pollution is total bunk; here’s why (Guardian) Yet one more way automated cars pose a danger to bikes: Tesla doors […]

Traffic Engineers Still Rely on a Flawed 1970s Study to Reject Crosswalks

When St. Louis decided not to maintain colorful new crosswalks that residents had painted, the city’s pedestrian coordinator cited federal guidance. A 2011 FHWA memo warns that colorful designs could “create a false sense of security” for pedestrians and motorists. That may sound like unremarkable bureaucrat-speak, but the phrase “false sense of security” is actually […]