Today’s Headlines

  • Slow down, wake up, and connect: The making of a walking advocate (Westword)
  • Tulare County Regional Transit Authority may have to shut down all operations as of Oct 1 (Recorder Online)
  • A lot of “ifs” in LA’s plan to build more bus shelters (LAist)
  • Bay Area transit agencies pledged reforms; have they done it? (SF Chronicle)
  • Cargo bikes can be a lot faster than delivery vans (Wired)
  • SF considers banning scooters on sidewalks (Route Fifty)
  • Celebrating the Taylor Yard bike and pedestrian bridge over the LA River (Arup)
  • Early concepts for another Bay tunnel released (SF Examiner)
  • San Diego cities’ lawsuit to limit affordable housing fails (San Diego Union Tribune)
  • CA cities aim to fix homelessness by outlawing, hiding it (Politico)
  • Audit: What did Oakland get for the $69 million it spent on homelessness? (SFist)
  • SF Chronicle mapped property ownership in Bay Area; largest landowners own only a fraction
  • Local governments (you and me) pay for costs of climate change (Yale Climate Connections)
  • CA could ban sale of new diesel big rigs by 2040 (LA Times)
  • CA agriculture exporters find alternative transportation (trains) to get their goods to market (23ABC)

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