Today’s Headlines

  • Health impacts of heat, and how to stay alive (Fresnoland)
  • ICYMI: John Oliver explains carbon offsets (YouTube)
  • Trees in the Inflation Reduction Act (Time)
  • Decision on extending the life of Diablo Canyon could be postponed (AP)
  • California’s ban on gas cars is a massive step in the right direction (Mother Jones)
  • Other states poised to follow CA’s ban on gas cars (Politico)
  • People love their old gas burning cars (LA Times)
  • Bikes can carry all kinds of heavy cargo (Register Guard)
  • The post-covid fight over who gets to use the streets (Pew)
  • L.A.’s train and bus riders outnumber the Bay Area’s (Mercury News)
  • Places in LA you can easily reach via transit (LA Times)
  • Why do electric cars need a 300-mile range? Most people rarely drive that far (NY Times)
  • CA cities are embracing rent control (LA Times, Economist)
  • Lawmakers reach a deal on CA housing bills (CBS)
  • Money is no substitute for good policy, says Michael Tubbs, state advisor on poverty (SF Chronicle)
  • The housing market is getting too expensive even for large house-flipping companies (Bloomberg)

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