Today’s Headlines

  • Bike to Wherever Day recap (Local News Matters)
  • Antioch to get a “bike garden” for learning how to ride (East Bay Times)
  • In East L.A., more people are walking, and dying, on the freeway (The East Sider LA)
  • People are flying more (The Bay Link)
    • Transit ridership is up too (CBS)
    • So is driving (KPBS)
  • Caltrans embraces the Safe Systems approach (Vision Zero Network)
  • Americans understand that “infrastructure” can include many things (Slate)
  • Bay Area residents support transit (Bay Link)
  • Leadership upheaval at Exxon over its lack of planning for climate change (Heated, New York Times)
  • Dutch court to Shell Oil: Cut your emissions (Transport Topics)
  • L.A. can still be L.A. even if it’s denser (Curbed)
  • Wait, what’s the point of an office again? (Bloomberg)
  • Drought is giving energy to anti-government revolt in northern California (Sacramento Bee)
    • And causing fights over water management in southern California (LA Times)
  • “Do Something!” New group in Oakland wants to sweep away houseless neighbors (Mercury News)

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