Today’s Headlines

  • Feds have been letting polluters – like Exide – off the hook (LA Times)
  • Public transit workers added to list of people eligible for vaccines beginning Monday (Mercury News)
    • List includes people with disabilities, underlying health conditions (LA Times)
  • Why are car companies selling e-bikes? (Inside Hook)
  • GHGs return to pre-pandemic levels (Voice of America)
  • Study: Americans have been leaving home even more than before the pandemic (Washington Post)
  • Adaptive cruise control encourages speeding, leads to crashes (The Hill)
  • Electric cars are coming, but they’re going to take a while (NY Times)
  • Something different – neither owning nor renting – is needed (The Atlantic)
  • Bash some trash this weekend, wherever you are (Patch)
  • Watch Caltrans rock-climbing crews knock down boulders and blow them up (YouTube)

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