Today’s Headlines

  • On jaywalking and victimless “crimes” (Governing)
  • The Capitol riot and climate disinformation (NY Times)
    • And its connection to big oil (Heated)
  • How your representative voted on impeachment, and on rejecting election results (NY Times)
  • Amtrak Joe Biden forced to forgo train trip to inauguration (LA Times)
  • Latinx population in L.A. is being hit hard by COVID (LA Times)
  • COVID lockdowns had only a minor impact on urban air quality (Reuters)
  • Report: Environmental organizations are still overwhelmingly white (NBC News)
  • California’s farmworkers fight for better housing (The Nation)
  • Public housing in the U.S. is built on cheap, industrial, polluted land (The Intercept)
  • Utah can teach CA a few things about replacing gas tax with a per-mile fee (SLC Tribune)

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