Today’s Headlines

  • CA High Speed Rail Program is at risk: money and politics (SF Chronicle)
  • Marin transit officials seem skeptical of bill to streamline transit projects (Marin Independent Journal)
  • Take back the streets (NY Times)
  • How to walk during a pandemic (Guardian)
  • Austria tries a flat transit fee: $3 a day for transit to everywhere (CityLab)
  • Trump rolls back, so CA writes its own environmental rules (CalMatters)
  • John Cox argues state’s “preference” for fighting climate change is endangering cars (
  • SUVs, even smaller ones, are still dangerous (Mercury News)
  • Santa Barbara ranked third best city for bikes by People for Bikes. Comments say otherwise – and Edhat fails to mention that San Luis Obispo is ranked #1
  • Two sleeping residents and their house get in the way of suspected drunk driver, are injured (Mercury News)
  • Protests in the suburbs (CityLab)
  • Modern farming is a fight against nature, and it’s killing us (CalMatters)

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