Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Bike Month. Or Bike Safety Month. At any rate, May is for biking!
  • Biking is popular right now, but let’s take a lesson from the 1970s (Forbes)
  • The bicycle couriers of lockdown (Global Cycling Network)
  • California legislature begins its return: Assembly back in session, with curtailed activities (SF Chronicle)
    • And they first have to deal with a very ugly budget (SF Chronicle)
  • Fasten your seatbelts, reopening is going to be a long, slow, bumpy ride (LA Times)
  • Sacramento will park wifi-equipped buses, unused right now, in neighborhoods that lack wifi (Capital Public Radio, KCRA)
  • The next hurdle is figuring out how to make transit safe post-lockdown (AP News, New York Times)
  • Traffic, emissions, and fuel-tax revenues are all way down during lockdown (UC Davis)
  • Can the world sustain this reduction in traffic? (Brookings)
  • Santa Monica residents want city to restrict some car traffic (Santa Monica Daily Press)
  • Glaswegian builds a long bike: the Social Distandem (Bike Radar)

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