Today’s Headlines

  • Berkeley City Council approves move to give cyclists some leeway at stop signs (Berkeleyside)
  • Why more bicycle riders are dying (Bicycling)
  • Easy, accessible bike storage is key for helping people who want to switch from driving to riding a bike (
  • The switch from cars will take more than a cool app (CityLab)
  • We can’t promote transit, bike, ped infrastructure and continue building for cars (American Progress)
  • Air pollution linked to brain cancer (The Guardian)
    • …but don’t be fooled: USEPA says air pollution can’t kill you (Heated)
  • Thoughts on fare evasion: tear down the fare gates (Pedestrian Observations)
  • U.S., China agree to end tariffs on e-bikes (Electrek)
  • SoCalGas defends “renewable” natural gas (Inside Climate News)
  • Dutch plan to lower speed limits to reduce emissions (Price Tags)
  • The coup in Bolivia, batteries, and climate change (Paste Magazine)
  • How solar and wind energy can help conserve and protect water resources (Triple Pundit)
  • Okay, here’s a cool bike (Hackaday)

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