Today’s Headlines

  • SoCal cities vote to focus new housing in coastal areas where there are jobs, transit (LA Times)
  • Bay Area homes got a titch more affordable in third quarter (SF Chronicle)
  • Zero Fatalities Task Force soldiers on (CalBike)
  • California is on track to miss its climate targets by a century (Technology Review)
  • Rumors say next CTC commissioner could be former Fresno mayor (The Sun)
  • Bond funds available for HSR to Las Vegas (Forbes)
  • Protests + public transportation (Vox)
  • UPS launches rewards program for customers who pick up packages at central points (Transport Topics)
  • Wichita, Kansas is done with diesel, buying only electric buses (KCUR)
  • Britain is finding new uses for underused car parking (The Guardian)
  • Utah says its bus ticket machines aren’t worth their cost (Salt Lake City Tribune)

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