Today’s Headlines

  • Trump fired a panel of air pollution researchers a year ago. Now they are meeting on their own (The Guardian)
  • San Diego’s shift to transit is long overdue (Voice of San Diego)
  • BART chooses new fare gates (SF Chronicle)
  • Northern reaches of Santa Monica beach bike paths to see improvements (Santa Monica Lookout)
  • Quick build initiative is transforming the streets of San Francisco (Planetizen)
  • Zero emission vehicles will save money, but need supportive policies (UC Davis)
  • The myth of “green cars” (New Statesman)
  • More about California Tropical Forest Standard (
  • California readies plans to launch “its own damn satellite” to measure climate change (LA Times)
  • Honolulu’s bad tactic for unsafe pedestrian crossings: remove crosswalks (Honolulu Civil Beat)
  • No thank you: Uber wants its app to be indispensable to city residents (The Verge)

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